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DDFZ is an air conditioning company in Logansport, La. We deliver outstanding service by consistently exceeding our customer's expectations. Our employees are trustworthy, punctual, and expertly trained. Our core values include safety, professionalism and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our hard work and professional customer service. Our mission is to always leave our clients with peace of mind, knowing their home was serviced by the best people in the industry. SERVICES WE OFFER: Indoor Air Quality The air that you breathe in your home or office can greatly affect your health, comfort and even hygiene. Our team offers a number of air filtration solutions that allow you to breathe easier. No matter how much you clean your home you will never be able to remove all of the pollutants that saturate the air inside, but a filtration system can greatly enhance the air quality. Our systems, which include filtration in our HVAC units, are designed to remove allergens, dust and bacteria from their air, helping to quell issues with allergies, asthma and congestion. To find out how we can improve your home's air quality contact us to request an in-house consult regarding the installation of a residential air filtration system. Our fully trained and insured technicians take your health seriously and work hard to ensure that all aspects of air quality systems run dependably and efficiently, including: Air Filtration Equipment Air Purification Equipment UVC Filtration Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers You can call or text us any time at 318-678-3778 or schedule an appointment online if it’s more convenient Air Conditioning Whether you have ice on your outside air conditioning unit and no air is coming out of the air vents, or your home is simply not cooled to the right temperature, we can handle both your emergency air conditioning repairs or routine AC service calls. We serve Logansport and all surrounding cities. Regardless if your AC unit needs emergency repair service or routine maintenance, our focus is not on selling you a new HVAC system. Our focus is on FIXING your AC. We are always committed to doing what’s best for our customers. Whether you are dealing with an outside condenser coil that’s not working, a faulty thermostat, uneven cooling, or a water leak from your air conditioning unit. Our experienced HVAC professionals can diagnose and troubleshoot a huge variety of home air conditioning problems and perform the air conditioning repair services you need to get your unit back in working order. Call or Text: 318-678-3778 today! Or schedule online. Heating Whether your heat pump is not working, or you need a routine service check on your entire Heating and Cooling system, We will get your system back in great working order fast, so you can get back to your life. We believe in treating you the way we would like to be treated. Because our business is largely based on repeat business and referrals from happy homeowners, we would much prefer to earn and keep your business than to make a quick sale at your expense. You can call or text us any time at 318-678-3778 or schedule an appointment online if it’s more convenient Installation When repairing your air conditioning and heating system is no longer an option, replacing your HVAC system with the right heating and cooling system is the first step. But just as important as selecting the perfect system for your needs, is getting a top notch installation. While most new air conditioning systems are not installed properly, an installation done by the book will ensure your new system will run smoothly for years free of premature breakdowns. Add to that a fair price, no high pressure sales techniques, and the option to finance, and you can count on getting the BEST VALUE for your new HVAC system. You can call or text us any time at 318-678-3778 or schedule an appointment online if it’s more convenient MAINTENANCE Preventive maintenance will reduce your heating and cooling costs and prevent untimely and costly repairs to your heating and air conditioning units. By keeping your air conditioning unit(s) clean, and having regularly scheduled maintenance service visits to troubleshoot potential issues before any breakdown occurs, you will: increase the efficiency of your Heating and Air Conditioning system and lower your utility costs. Experience fewer problems with your HVAC system such as low Freon or breakdowns. Extend the life of your Heat Pump or Central Air Conditioning unit. We offer Residential maintenance plans. You can call or text us any time at 318-678-3778 or schedule an appointment online if it’s more convenient

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